Our commitments

Regulating patient advice

WeDoxa manages patient reviews to provide health professionals and the general public with reliable, high-quality information. The system meets the main European standards and regulations.




The regulation on the protection of personal data

As a subcontractor, WeDoxa implements all the provisions defined in the new regulations on the protection of personal data


Security of personal health data

The data collected (notices) are hosted in a data centre certified ISO 27001 and approved by European health institutions as a "Health Data Host". These standards are the benchmark for IT security management. 


ISO 20488 standard

The ISO 20488 standard for online notice management provides a framework for the collection, moderation and publication processes.More informations

Net Promoteur Score

The Net Promoteur Score

The NPS is an indicator that defines the concepts of promoter, passive and detractor customers. It is based on a recognised method that allows professionals to compare themselves on a common benchmark.More information