An independent company

WeDoxa supports health professionals in their will to take care of their patients. The mission is to bring out the best practices for Health and ageing Well.

The company is totally independent and is committed to respecting the standards of this sector. WeDoxa acts as a trusted third party to supervise the publication of opinions in accordance with the ISO 20488 standard. Personal data is hosted in an ISO 27001 certified data centre approved by the Ministry of Health to host Health Data.

The general public benefits from reliable and quality information to find a healthcare establishment. Professionals benefit from clear and fair rules for the moderation of reviews.

  • GDPR: The institutions remain the owners of the data collected. WeDoxa intervenes as a subcontractor.
  • Personal health data is hosted on servers approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • No personal data is transmitted to broadcasting partners (only the note and the verbatim).

A third party moderator to manage patient reviews

  • ISO 20488 standard: The rules for the collection and publication of reviews are governed by an internationally recognised standard.
  • NPS : The analysis of the results is organised according to the Net Promoter Score methodology.

A third party publisher to organise the distribution of notices

  • FREE : WeDoxa organises the distribution of opinions on the Internet at no cost to the general public.
  • UNLIMITED :  The establishment of partnerships for the diffusion of reviews  promotes the visibility of your institutions.
  • CONTROLLED : The multiple distribution of reviews avoids the emergence of a dominant player (e.g. tripadvisor).

An expert for the patient experience

  • SATISFACTION : Assessing the level of satisfaction of patients, employees etc.
  • MANAGEMENT : Manage the employees commitment  regarding the residents' well-being.
  • E-REPUTATION : Enhancing the value of establishments and their teams
  • DIGITAL: Supporting IT departments in the deployment of digital solutions adapted to healthcare establishments