Frequently asked questions

To find out the rules governing patient reviews, we have provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions below

In addition, we invite you to send us your question via the form or consult our GTC.

What is the role of a trusted third party?

WeDoxa is an independent company, specialised in the management of reviews for healthcare institutions. Their role is to manage reviews in accordance with the ISO 20488 standard for online reviews. The intervention of a third party moderator ensures that the standard is applied.

What is an authenticated opinion?

An authenticated review comes from an identified person whose experience with the evaluated establishment or service is real. WeDoxa implements all measures to fight against fake reviews.

Quelles sont les garanties proposées ?

WeDoxa s'engage contractuellement à faire respecter les exigences liées :

  • à la Réglementation Générale de Protection des Données personnelles (RGPD)
  • au décret n° 2017-1436 du 29 septembre 2017 relatif aux avis en ligne de consommateurs
  • à la norme ISO 20488 relative aux avis en ligne

In what cases can we contact WeDoxa?

The WeDoxa moderation service is available to :

- ask to post a review

- report an inappropriate review

- exercise your right to withdraw a review


How to submit a review ?

Notices are submitted at the request of thestablishment.

- In rest homes : A questionnaire is sent at least 3 months after the resident's admission.

- In follow-up care and rehabilitation : A questionnaire is sent at the end of the hospitalization.

We invite you to contact the institution to obtain the secure questionnaire.

Each institution is contractually committed to display the measures available.

- Posters are put up in places where people pass by to explain the process of collecting/publishing reviews.

Flyers are available at the reception desk to allow people who have not been asked for their opinion to provide their contact details.

- A form is available on the residence's website.

A secure questionnaire administered by WeDoxa is then sent by email.

Who can submit an opinion?

Anyone can submit an opinion.

- Residents, patients and their carers

- Visitors

- Employees 

- Professionals working in or for the establishment

- Others

Reviews are published as soon as the person is identified as a patient, resident or carer.

Older people can file a review with the help of a caregiver who :

- remove the difficulties associated with the use of digital tools,

- will ensure the absence of cognitive disorders (e.g. Alzheimer's) that could impair their judgment,

- will ensure that no influence is exerted by the establishment's employees.

In this case, the questionnaire makes it possible to specify whether the opinion reflects the opinion of the resident, the carer or both.

In order to allow all residents (except those with cognitive disorders) to submit a review, WeDoxa also offers a telephone survey service.

Is the review forwarded to the establishment ?

Yes, all reviews are forwarded to the establishment, but the publication remains completely anonymous.

Reviews are forwarded to the management of the establishment concerned in order to :

- enforce the requirements of the ISO 20488 standard to combat false notifications,

- enable the establishment to understand and resolve the reasons for dissatisfaction.


How are my personal data used?

Personal data are used by WeDoxa for the reviews management. They are not used for any other purpose or passed on to third parties. The data collected remains the property of the establishment. For any request, you can contact WeDoxa or the establishment concerned.

Can I submit a review without publishing it?

Yes, publication is not mandatory. The questionnaire contains a checkbox to obtain your consent for publication.

Can I submit a review anonymously?

Reviews are published anonymously with the initials of the author.

However, your contact details are recorded by WeDoxa in order to fight against false reviews and to allow the management of the establishment to contextualise the review.

Who checks the reviews before publication?

All reviews are verified by the WeDoxa moderation service.

What are the reasons for rejecting an opinion?

The publication of reviews is intended to inform families looking for an establishment. To guarantee reliable and quality information, WeDoxa verifies all reviews. The process and reasons for rejecting reviews are determined by the ISO 20488 and NF Z74-501 standards.


- Inappropriate language

- The review contains insults or coarse language ;

- The review contains defamatory statements ;

- The review is intelligible or meaningless ;

- The review is biased by cognitive (e.g Alzheimer's) or psychiatric disorders ;

- The review is irrelevent to the topic being reviewed ;

- The review indicates that the user did not complete the consumer experience ;


Comments containing personal data


- The notice includes personal information, such as the first or last name of individuals who are not public figures, a telephone number, a specific physical address or an email adress ;

- The notice includes a credit card number, national insurance number, bank account number or any other information that could lead to identity theft ;

- The notice includes medical data relating to the person's state of health.


Controversial statements


- The review contains concrete elements of conflict of interest ;

- The review includes a call for legal action or is the subject of an ingoing action with the court ;

- The notie manager (WeDoxa) considers that its civil or criminal liability may be engaged 

How do I report an inappropriate review?

A flag (pictogram) appears on mouse-over in front of each review. By clicking on this pictogram, you can report the review to the WeDoxa moderation service.

How long does it take to publish a review ?

Reviews are automatically published 10 days after the review is submitted.

In accordance with the ISO 20488 standard, a publication delay allows the WeDoxa moderation service to check the reviews and the professional to exercise his or her right of reply before publication.


On which websites are published the reviews ?

The reviews are published on the website. In addition, the establishment may decide to activate the publication on :

- its website,

- the site of its group,

- specialised directories, whether or not they are WeDoxa partners.

What are the rules for posting notices?

Reviews are published 10 days after the date of submission, and for a minimum of a year.

The publication must meet the following criteria and requirements:

- Display of all notices

- From the most recent to the oldest based on the date of submission

- Possibility of filtering the notices by rating

- Anonymisation of the author of each review 

- Possibility to flag a review as inappropriate, either by the community or by the product representative

- Public right of reply by the representative of the product or service evaluated for each review.

I made a mistake, how can I exercise my right of withdrawal?

Pour annuler la publication d'un avis, nous vous invitons à utiliser notreTo cancel the publication of a notice, please use our Contact form.