Assessing the patient/caregiver relationship

The employees commitment is a fundamental element to be taken into account in order to obtain the patient satisfaction.

Many companies are integrating this logic into their management and are inspired by a well known method called 'symmetry of attention'. This method raises awareness about the fact thatcompany that takes care of its employees will, in return obtain a stronger commitment from them towards patients. In this logic, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of the relationship between caregivers and patients with a solution adapted to health care institutions.

WeDoxa provides the managers with all the data and indicators they need to carry out their managerial approach.

The Maslow pyramid
WeDoxa assists institutions to design surveys adapted to their context.

  • Anonymous surveys to allow everyone to speak openly about everthing 
  • Nominative surveys to take into account individual problems
  • Targeting by type of position: administrative, nursing, accommodation, etc.
  • Solicitation of employees who do not have a professional email address

The summary report can be organised according to Maslow's pyramid. Each employee, and by extrapolation each establishment, can be positioned on the pyramid to quickly identify the level of commitment of everyone. Depending on the level reached, managers can decide on the nature of the measures to be implemented to help the team progress.

eNPS: an indicator recognised by shareholders
The Employee Net Promoter Score is a global indicator that measures the level of recommendation of an organisation by its employees. It is often used by investors to verify the sustainability of a company.

The WeDoxa solution integrates the eNPS into employee surveys and offers a detailed analysis of employee ambassadors and detractors.

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