Manage the image of your establishment

Reviews published on Google and other rating sites are now very accessible and followed. 

However, these reviews, submitted spontaneously without prior solicitation, have certain limitations.

  • Anyone can post a review without any real experience within the establishment: Internet users, visitors, employees, competitors, etc.
  • The reviews are mostly negative, satisfied people rarely express themselves.
  • The low number of reviews does not enable a significant rating and therefore increases the risk of lowering the overall rating,
  • Reviews are rarely moderated, without taking into account the specificities of the health and elderly sector.

Faced with unsolicited opinions, WeDoxa offers a solution to solicit the opinions of patients and residents.

The process is lead by the ISO 20488 standard dedicated to online reviews. The general public benefits from reliable, high-quality information. Professionals benefit from clear and fair moderation rules.

Avis WeDoxa

The 4 foundations of the WeDoxa model

WeDoxa acts as a trusted third party between healthcare professionals and patients/residents. 

The model is based on 4 foundations:

  • Request patients/residents to obtain a significant number of reviews,
  • Authenticate respondents to avoid fake reviews,
  • Supervise the moderation rules with a recognised standard: ISO 20 488 on online reviews
  • Display the reviews on the medico-social and health directories.

The main features

WeDoxa incorporates advanced functionalities to request, moderates and organises the publication of surveys.

  • Automated solicitations from an administrative software,
  • Face-to-face requests for elderly patients,
  • Responses to reviews written by the institutions and validated by the quality department,
  • Libraries of standard responses adapted to the different cases,
  • Advanced reporting
  • RGPDProtect personal data
  • HADSSecure healthcare data
  • ISOSupervise the reviews publication