Selected collaborators

The collaborators are defined in a Best-of-breed logic. This logic consists of selecting the best solutions on the market and adapting them for a specific sector of activity or company.

This is the positioning of WeDoxa as an integrator for healthcare institutions. This model differs from the "all-inclusive" solutions provided by a single generalist provider.

Technology collaborators

WeDoxa integrates 2 recognized digital solutions:

  • Wizville : Saas platform with expertise in feedback management
  • Uberall : SaaS platform with expertise in presence management

To manage these platforms, WeDoxa develops and maintains an application base allowing institutions to have a single entry point to manage all their online services. The WeDoxa platform aggregates applications and integrates additional functionalities not present in standard market solutions.

Media collaborators

To make sure that the multi-distribution of establishments and reviews will be efficient and organized, WeDoxa offers connectors with the main web audience hubs. The connectors are fulfield using APIs and widgets provided in the solution.

 WeDoxa offers ready-to-use connectors.


  • Search engines: Google, Facebook, Bing, Baidu
  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare 
  • Voice assistants: Siri, Google, Cortana, Huawei
  • GPS: TomTom, Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Here and all car manufacturers' GPS
  • European generalist directories: Les, Yandex, Orange, Uber, Nextdoor, etc.
  • Specialized directories : Health and social directory, Age Village, Conseil-dé,,,, etc..